Little Bears Day Nursery Walton on Thames

Little Bears provides childcare from ages 2-5. We believe that nurturing a child’s sense of belonging is vital to their emotional and social development. We offer a calm, warm, and welcoming setting in which they can grow and learn we believe that children are naturally curious, they possess an insatiable desire to explore.

We also know that children learn best when they’re having fun, so we have created a secure and edifying atmosphere where learning, exploration, and playtime are synonymous.

Standard hours are 8am-6pm  – 7.30am starts and 6.30pm finishes available on request.

01932 844 671

About Little Bears

At Little Bear’s we follow the EYFS and plan to your children’s needs interests and development, to challenge them mentally and physically to develop their skills, build confidence and help them to thrive. We try to follow your at home routine as best as we can to help your child settle and to provide home from home care where they feel safe and secure, and help them to recognise routine.

We believe that being outside and plenty of fresh air is important to keep children alert and healthy and we offer free flow activities inside and out as well as daily outings within the Whiteley Village grounds. All staff are active people who enjoy arts and craft activities and are not afraid to get messy! We ensure that all children in our care have fun and are safe in order to learn through play and focussed activities. Our main aim as a Nursery is to provide a home from home setting for the children in our care.

The Nursery is open planned in a large Hall which is split into two sections Little Squirrels for 2-3’s and Little Hedgehogs 3-5’s and each section offers planned age appropriate activities as well as appropriate age and stage toys. We have a large outdoor area equipped with outside equipment.

We will be offering a gardening area for the children which will enable the children to learn and explore using all their senses! We shall grow fruit, vegetables and flowers and the staff will support the children to get as involved as they like!

The Children at Little Bears sing, read, paint, bake, find dinosaurs in the sandpit, help the adults tidy up, run around, and enjoy nature walks. Sometimes all in the same day! Exploration, play, and learning are at the heart of everything we do. We ensure a balance of adult led, and child initiated activities.

Playtime is as an opportunity for the Children to explore, engage, and learn about the world around them.

We produce fresh meals every day and include foods from all cultural backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods as well as introducing them to new ones broadening their experiences of the wider world.

Education is key to our philosophy and it doesn’t stop at mealtimes. Our children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are provided with cutlery dependent on their individual development, they are given free reign to do as much as they want whether that be making choices about what food they eat, pouring a drink, buttering toast or simply being enabled to feed themselves.


My twins have been at Little Bears Day-Care for 5 months and they’ve settled in so well. The staff are so attentive to their needs and really encourage the boys to progress in all areas. I love the online eyLog so I can get up to date photos and comments about what they have done each day. The management is extremely accommodating and flexible and does everything they can to make life easy for parents and children! – Steph

I am delighted with the care and support my twin boys receive from Little Bears. We have never had any issues with the boys refusing to attend and they are always excited to go. I am particularly impressed by the nursery staff’s attention to detail. – Duncan

After a bad experience with a local nursery, we moved our son to Little Bears. He settled in so well and we have been delighted with the whole Little Bears experience. It’s a fantastic setting and the holistic approach to learning brings in so many different elements. From the mud kitchen to cooking with the chef, from little group learning sessions to big adventures in the local surroundings. Our son has received the highest level of care and attention. The Nursery workers are a professional team who have a genuine connection with the children they teach. The management are caring, approachable and always available to help and to listen. We will be incredibly sad to leave. – Morag

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At Little Bears, we believe in cultivating an environment where children are free to make choices, learn at their own pace, and gain the confidence to build positive relationships with the people around them. Our aim is to build a nursery where children and their families feel welcome and appreciated.

At Whiteley Village, children have the opportunity to safely engage in daily activities such as visiting the village post office, village shop, church, and other local amenities as well as enjoying the beautiful woodlands and greenery around us. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to embrace nature, explore, and experiment.

Being outdoors allows children to assess risks safely, make choices, and use all their senses to learn about the world around them as well as adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Standard hours are 8am-6pm  – 7.30am starts and 6.30pm finishes available on request.

01932 844 671

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